The graceful guidance way

Shining a light on your end of life journey.

Graceful Guidance is a compassionate and comforting end of life doula service, here to support and assist you as you prepare for your end of life journey. As the bridge between medical care and hospice, I want to be your emotional and spiritual guide as you near the end of your days.

Better end of life care is my mission.

Whether you have been diagnosed with a terminal illness, are healthy and want to begin the work of preparing or are just curious about the process, I support clients through my presence and service to you.

Wherever you are on your sacred journey of life and death, my wish is to provide a peace-filled space for you to be heard and feel empowered to step bravely into the work you’ve been preparing for your whole life to finish.

Here to guide you home

Together, we can cultivate an end of life experience that honors your preferences and wishes.

A Trustworthy Relationship, For You, By You

I want to guide you as you near your departure, with intention and meaning. Allowing you the space to contemplate, plan, share and verbalize your wishes during your end of life journey, Graceful Guidance honors your sacred journey compassionately and with graceful perception.

Mutual Support

A focused, intentional presence by your side, as you prepare for your end of life departure.

Legacy Work

Legacy work isn’t just about death and dying, it is also about life and living. Together, we can create something tangible — personal videos, letters, heirlooms, and anything that captures the essence of your life — a gift to be shared with your loved ones.

End Of Life Vigil

Ensuring the wishes you expressed for how you want to be cared for and treated while you’re actively dying are honored.

Funeral/Celebration Of Life Planning

This ritual should capture your desires for a funeral, gathering or celebration. I will help facilitate the creation of this ritual with you now, knowing the gift this can be for your loved ones in the moments after your death.

Vigil + Ritual Planning

An open space for you to intentionally design your last days, with an experienced and gentle presence by your side.

Early-Stage Grief Support

Grief can be a whole-body experience and is a heavy burden to carry alone, so I will be present in the early-stages to support your loved ones.

Bringing knowledge to the unknown

There is only dignity here. I am your advocate.

Death can be a scary, but it can also be a time of healing and great love. I want to be your coach, your mentor, your guide.