Your dedicated end of life doula

The evolution of my life-long journey with death and dying, including the profound loss of my mom, has led to what feels like this spiritual calling.

A guide, coach, and advocate for your end
of life journey.

I understand that dying is a human experience – both unique and deeply personal – and should honor the preferences and wishes of the dying with compassion and dignity. I want to have the hard conversations, to help find meaning and intention, and to bring peace and calm to your fear and anxiety.

There can be profound meaning and intention in dying, for all those involved. I am here to guide you through this transition in a genuine, authentic way. I strive to meet you where you are at, both emotionally and spiritually, to bring intention, meaning, and comfort to this exceptional experience.

Hey there – I’m Lisa

While we are alive, we die a thousand deaths. The death of dreams, of physical capabilities, loss of jobs, home, relationships. There are also true physical deaths. Using my experience and expertise, my open-hearted services focus on guiding, planning, processing, witnessing, meaning-making, and early grief.


By nature, I am a seeker of information.

After hundreds of hours of research, courses, retreats, podcasts, books, articles and training, I began my advocacy for those on their end of life journey. I now help those who are spiritually-grounded, open to guidance and conversation, those with a terminal diagnosis, or anyone who wants to prepare before the end of life.


Death can be a time of great uncertainty.

I want to be with you, wherever you are on your sacred death journey, to provide a loving presence and meaningful guidance. I want to ease your fears and help you step bravely into the work you’ve been preparing your whole life to finish.