Here to help you cultivate a beautiful, comforting end of life experience.

For those interested in having a role in their last months, weeks, days, let’s talk.

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You may be curious – or fearful or lonely or unsure – but you have identified a need for an honest and trustworthy relationship that can provide support, guidance, comfort and healing. That’s where I come in.

Whether you have been diagnosed with a terminal illness or are just curious about the process, I am here to support you. Ready to take the first step? Fill out the form below and let’s chat!


By nature, I am a seeker of information.

After hundreds of hours of research, courses, retreats, podcasts, books, articles and training, I began my advocacy for those on their end of life journey. I now help those who are spiritually-grounded, open to guidance and conversation, those with a terminal diagnosis, or anyone who wants to prepare before the end of life.

The Graceful Guidance Way

Death can be a time of great uncertainty.

I want to be with you, wherever you are on your sacred death journey, to provide a loving presence and meaningful guidance. I want to ease your fears and help you step bravely into the work you’ve been preparing your whole life to finish.