A light to guide your way

An end of life doula is the bridge between medical care and hospice – your emotional and spiritual guide as you near the end of your days.

Let’s make meaning, together.

Have you thought about what you want your space to look like in your final days? Do you want people to see you after you’ve passed? Do you want massages to ease pain or relax your body? Is there a special blanket you want wrapped around you?

Are there certain candles or scents you want in the room? Dying is about what you want. With dignity and compassion, I’m here to walk you through the hard conversations, and give you permission to talk about the end of life.

The Graceful Guidance Way

Whether you have been diagnosed with a terminal illness, are healthy and want to begin the work of preparing or are just curious about the process, there is a lot to process, both emotionally and practically. I believe that with planning comes peace and, with intention comes calm. You deserve a gentle and peaceful space to contemplate, plan, share and verbalize your wishes. You deserve to feel supported and free to express your authentic self, and to have peace and understanding in your last months, days and hours. My mission is to help you feel empowered to cultivate an end of life experience that honors your preferences and wishes as you prepare for your passing. 

Mutual Support

It is vital to have a partner at the end of life who you can trust, rely on, and be open and honest with. I am a focused and intuitive presence for you and your loved ones as you prepare for your departure.

Early-Stage Grief Support

Grief can be overwhelming, hollowing, and unpredictable, and a heavy burden to carry alone. It can also feel like a way forward. I will be present in the early-stages to support your loved ones and provide beautiful resources that will aid them on their personal grief journey.

Funeral/Celebration Of Life Planning

Do you want a funeral or a celebration of life? Both? Neither? Something else entirely? Together, we will walk through your options, what you want, and who you want involved. My knowledge can help alleviate the stress surrounding end of life planning, for both you and your loved ones.

Legacy Work

Whether it be a video project, making a quilt, or leaving a gift behind for your family, we will work together to complete an heirloom that captures your life and essence.  

Vigil + Ritual Planning

We will work together to intentionally design your last days. We can outline how your want your environment to look, feel and smell, who you want around you at your death, and what you want to happen to your body once you pass. This is an open space for you to design your last days, and I will be by your side through the process, and your advocate when you are gone.

End Of Life Vigil

As you enter the last days and hours of your life, I provide comfort and support for you, as well as respite for your loved ones. I ensure the wishes you expressed for this point in your journey are what guide this sacred time.

Better end of life care is my mission.

I have worked through hours of training, courses and retreats so that I can comfort, guide and support you through the anxiety, grief, overwhelm and stress that often accompanies death and dying. I believe that you deserve to have quality of life, no matter what stage of life you are in. Graceful Guidance provides non-medical end of life care, to those who are actively dying, and their loved ones. As an INELDA-trained doula, I am honored to witness your sacred end of life experience.



Bringing calm to the chaos

I’ve been honored to walk with my beautiful friends, loving grandparents and my incredible Mom on their journey HOME. With each shared experience, my understanding of the preciousness of life and death has deepened. I want to be with you, wherever you are on your sacred death journey, to provide a loving presence and meaningful guidance to ease your fears and help you step bravely into the work you’ve been preparing your whole life to finish.